I don’t think we need VR for meetings

“I love it and it makes sense, but we probably can settle with <insert your videoconference platform of choice>”.  Occasionally, this is the feedback we hear from people and companies enquiring with us… well, that is before they end up becoming clients and using our flagship solution:  VReddo Classrooms.

You see, we’re no different to you.  We as a company use videoconferencing all the time and it has its place.  It’s good for 1-on-1 interactions, maybe even with 3 people.  However, what is it like with 20?  Problematic right?

It’s great to meet, talk, interact, even sell in some instances.  However, what’s it like when you want to start showing people videos, PowerPoints, images and slides or drawing on a whiteboard?  We encounter problems again for so many users.

It’s a great place to teach, educate and train using holograms and immersive / integrative environments to increase leaners retention… wait, no it’s no good at that either.  In fact, it’s impossible to immerse and stimulate learners or meeting attendees via the incumbent 2D platforms with their raft of limitations.

So often you’ll here me say this well-worn commentary in a meeting (on videoconference) – “Right now, you’re the most important person to me.  But with my 3 screens, I can see my clients emailing me, my team sending me IMs, my friends and family texting me on my phone and there’s the real likelihood my little girls are going to run in and demand my full attention.”  So, am I really engaged or am I distracted?  Do you have my full attention or simply a piece of what’s left over from all that’s left available to me?

Meeting or learning inside VR provides complete immersion.  You can’t be distracted.  Your learning content, teachers, classmates, staff, colleagues and managers are 100% there with you.  TV can’t take it away; you can’t pick up your phone to look at Facebook or Insta – VReddo gives you no choice but to engage and retain the amazing knowledge and skills you have access to.

We now use VReddo Classrooms for all our management meetings to build community, debate and actually improve communication over that of standard 2D videoconferencing.  So many of our clients are following suit, using their status as VReddo Classrooms clients to also ‘spin up meetings’ and flavor them with Holograms, teleport them to places they’ve never been or could never go in real life and use all the options for interaction to improve the experience.

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