VReddo Classrooms is a Virtual Reality platform that facilitates LIVE and interactive, face to face Training.

Learners and instructors can join classes from anywhere in the world to connect and engage with each other in unique virtual environments. Organizations that leverage VReddo Classrooms deliver slideshows, standard and 360 degree videos and custom 3D content to support a wide range of education and training purposes.

Learners can engage with their instructor and other learners, similarly to how they would in a physical classroom. However VReddo Classrooms becomes truly immersive through Holograms and Teleporting – where holograms can be projected in the middle of the classroom to help bring a topic to life AND all learners in the class can be Teleported to anywhere in the World to ‘experience’ the topic of the learning (via 360 video footage of these locations).

Imagine examining a huge hologram of a drilling rig to truly understand how it works, including safety considerations and then teleporting on site to see it installed and operating! What could this capability help bring to life in your organisation?

You can select to host your live VReddo Classroom within available environments OR choose to have a unique environment created just for you – perhaps replicating your head office boardroom or another location that is notoriously associated with your organisation.

VReddo Classrooms also integrate with all VReddo Training Labs.

Content Management System

VReddo has a custom built Content Management System which instructors can manage course content in an intuitive interface. Instructors can:

  • Manage Class lists
  • Upload Presentations
  • Select 360 Degree Videos
  • Import Holograms
  • And much more!

If your organisation conducts live training, but desires for its learners to enjoy more immersion and engagement, plus you want to do it more interactively, conveniently and economically, enquire with us today about VReddo Classrooms.