Don’t be scared – Virtual Reality will too become something even you adopt

Whilst my co-founder is a self-confessed “nerd” (although quite a gifted sporty nerd if the truth be told), I am not.  He’s an early adopter, I’m not.  We were both Medical and Allied Health professionals back in the 90s as young entrepreneurs so why was there such disparity.  He would ring me up and want to email me something, I’d push back at ‘this email’ fad and try to jump the fence to use my neighbours fax machine.  Insane wasn’t it?!  Maybe it was because his dad fixed and built computers in his spare time and my dad can’t use a phone and starts every sentence with “in my generation.”  No matter what the rationale – two things are evident from this backstory:

  1. If you want to succeed, you MUST use all the tools at your fingertips – including technology and:
  2. The ‘early adopters and “nerds”’ will only attain large success by making innovative tech appealing, useful, and easy for the masses.

Whilst I actively cringe at the much overused guru advice suggesting “you’ve got to have a mentor,” I did actually have one in my 20s – moving out of the medical field and into business and entrepreneurship.  He used to say I don’t need to know how light particles and electricity works to get light into my house – I just need to know how to turn a lightbulb on.

See, Virtual Reality is not just for gamers and fun.  We focus on the ability for it to enhance education, connectivity, and training outcomes.  VR is not important to me (AND IT’S OUR COMPANY?!?!),  VR is the lightbulb.  VR is the way in which we can help improve the lives of BILLIONS of people giving them opportunities like never before… and as a business owner, a CEO, CTO, L&D Manager or alike, it will be the way you bring epic value and outcomes to your teams and companies.

Whether you’re an early adopter or not, makes zero difference.  You know how to turn on a lightbulb right?  Then accept, embrace and get excited about the fact that mixed reality solutions like those we specialize in at VReddo are going to be a huge part of your own training and education and how you will positively impact your teams.

Don’t be scared – it’s time to explore and get started.

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