VReddo is an education and training technology provider based in Brisbane, Australia. We are dedicated to building innovative and practical learning solutions which enable high learning retention and simplify the communication of complex problems through interactive software.

Our mission is to help organisations improve the effectiveness of their learning and development programs through the incorporation of Virtual Reality (VR) via our 4 VReddo solutions:

VReddo Classrooms

Interactive Live VR Classroom Training

VReddo Training Labs

Interactive VR Training Experiences

VReddo Skillsets

Immersive, always-on VR Learning Modules

VReddo Showcases

Immersive VR Demonstrations

Traditional learning programs have long suffered:

  • Low Learner Interest and Engagement
  • Poor Learner Content Immersion
  • High Costs (Labour, lost productivity, travel, accommodation, etc)
  • Complex Logistics When Learners are Distributed Nationally or Globally
  • Inconsistent Presentation of Information and Content (especially if multiple Trainers are delivering content)

Virtual Reality can help conquer these challenges and VReddo’s mission is to provide innovative learning solutions to as many people and organisations as possible.

The VReddo solutions are a refreshing way to experience learning that learners will enthusiastically embrace. We have seen this eagerness translate into increased learner engagement and satisfaction levels. For formal learning institutions, this equates to improved enrolments, completions and ultimately revenue. For corporate learning this could equate to stronger safety & compliance rates. What could it do for your organisation?

Leverage the power of VReddo within your organisation by exploring the four VReddo Solutions.

Who Are We

Educational Specialists

Senior Software Engineers

Industry Researchers

Project Managers

Visual 3D Designers

We combine these special talents to create highly effective learning products and services which incorporate advanced and emerging technologies. These products provide high learning retention and thorough communication of complex problems.

VReddo Security Features

VReddo is built for the Oculus platform, running on a secure Android operating system. The Oculus platform is designed for isolated application instances to ensure no interference or access from outside applications. VReddo recognises user data and class content security is paramount and has implemented a range of security features to ensure 100% protection.

User data to and from AWS requires authentication.

  • VReddo’s data input methods use physical systems. All brute force attempts are 100% ineffective.
  • VReddo’s engine uses Unity and Photon servers supporting Diffie Hellmann Key Exchange using AES encryption.
  • VReddo infrastructure resides in Amazon Web Service’s South East 2 region, which is based in Sydney.
  • VReddo infrastructure has been purpose-built in AWS for high availability with both VReddo and the Content Management System utilising the full suite of AWS security features.