VReddo Training Labs allow users to interact in virtual environments, manipulate objects, perform tasks and solve problems. Learners can experience risk scenarios and learn how to respond effectively and appropriately in a safe environment – where mistakes are simply an opportunity to learn, not a life-threatening situation. VReddo Training Labs encourage critical thinking and problem solving in VR experiences that are tailor-made for your organisation’s needs and goals.

Our interactive simulated environments appear and feel real. This feeling helps develop an emotional response and connection to the learning content.

Once our Team captures and builds your VReddo Training Lab, you’ll have a repetitive, consistent presentation of information and processes – maximising the integrity of your learning.

VReddo Training Labs are a highly visual and sensory experience, which yields superior engagement over traditional learning methods because the learning is ‘active not passive.

VReddo Training Labs can be enabled to score and assess learner performance. VReddo Training Labs can help achieve better results than expensive on-site face-to-face practical learning and do so without any of the logistical or safety difficulties that can accompany such.

VReddo Training Labs seamlessly integrate with VReddo Classrooms where learners can transition from covering a theory session in the virtual classroom and be teleported into the Training Lab to conduct the practical exercises. Upon completion, they can then be teleported back into the Classroom to debrief and discuss their score/result. They can do all of this from any location – hence site inductions, onboardings, professional development, etc, can be delivered direct to the learner without their need to lose productivity through travel, etc.

If your organisation conducts practical training and desires to improve student interactivity and engagement, enquire with us today about VReddo Training Labs.