Isn’t it about time your company realizes your staff are people too?

One of the most interesting comments we heard last year from a senior member of one of Australia’s Big 4 banks spoke to this exact point.  When discussing Learning and Development, she suggested “We acknowledge that our staff are people and consumers first and foremost.  We want to get to the point where the technology and tools they are using at home in their personal lives are being utilized for their work, training, and upskilling.” 

Wow – such an insightful ideology from what some would say is an antiquated industry.  However, like many fintech companies exploding their outcomes via Virtual Reality, banks too are waking up to the fact their staff (people) will struggle to learn from text books or old policies even on their PCs and laptops when they are spending their down time on their phone, apps, streaming platforms and inside virtual and mixed reality.  We’ve got to “meet them” where they’re at.

Ask yourselves as business decision-makers:

  • Is the current way really the best way to convey our ideas and systems to our team?
  • Could they be more engaged?
  • Could we get better outcomes by providing them a more advanced up to date method to retain what they learn?
  • Can we really explain, demonstrate, and teach to the level we desire using paper based or traditional on-line avenues?
  • Are we prepared to have our competitors interact with their staff and our potential customers in more fun and successful ways?
  • Are we genuinely that arrogant as a company to think we can survive doing things the way we’ve always done it?… Ok, Kodak – keep printing film, this digital thing won’t stay around.

There are better options for you – RIGHT NOW!  VReddo is the leader in bespoke and pre-built educational solutions to help overcome your organization’s learning and compliance challenges and reach your training / upskilling aspirations.  We ready to help you engage your staff to generate you the best possible outcomes… are you?

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