VReddo Skillsets enable learners to study at their own time and pace. They’re always-on, curated modules of learning, that are developed in Virtual Reality to maximise immersion and engagement.

VReddo Skillsets are not live and are designed for offline viewing – hence your learner can’t interact with the Instructor or other students. However holograms and teleporting to anywhere in the World (via 360 videos) within the curated module is still possible.

Imagine examining a huge hologram of a drilling rig to truly understand how it works, including safety considerations and then teleporting on site to see it installed and operating!

What could this capability help bring to life in your organisation?

VReddo Skillsets can also be developed with built-in assessments to test comprehension and information recall. Scores within these assessments can be tracked and even used to restrict progress of the learner to the next module until they’ve attained a satisfactory score.

You can select to host your VReddo Skillsets within available environments OR choose to have a unique environment created just for you – perhaps replicating your head office boardroom or another location that is notoriously associated with your organisation.

If your organisation needs always-on learning but demands and deserves a better experience for your learners, enquire with us today about VReddo Skillsets.