Training in Virtual Reality often represents a change for many organisations. Effecting change often involves building a consensus amongst stakeholders of the reasons why change is required or why change will help realise superior results.

VReddo Showcases enable a consensus to be built via our Art and Development teams combining talents to produce a 2 to 3-minute virtual reality production. This production is designed to showcase how your organisation could innovate their learning via incorporating virtual reality.

VReddo Showcases are fully customised 360 productions designed for viewing within a VR headset – complete with your organisation’s logo and samples of the immersive and engaging content your organisation could enjoy.

VReddo Showcases give your stakeholders a preview of the future and a clear insight into why investing in more effective training methods will produce superior results.

If you need to build a consensus within your organisation or need a more compelling way to demonstrate to the Executive team / Board about the power of learning in Virtual Reality, enquire with us today about VReddo Showcases.